Two Feature Requests for Krita

Hi there! Jumping back into Krita, and I thought of two feature requests that would be nice to have.

  1. Opacity Slider Shortcut. Using Shift to change the brush size on the fly is an absolute godsend, since it allows for more time in the canvas, and less time changing settings, sometimes really fast. I absolutely love it, but I feel like opacity should get that same love. I change opacity quite frequently, and all that time adds up.

I am coming from Blender where we use F to change brush size and Shift + F to change the opacity or intensity of the brush. The opacity could use something similar in my opinion!

  1. Theme Editor. I wanted to tinker around with the Krita theme, maybe even synchronize it with Pywal, but the current way of changing things is a bit cumbersome, because of it’s limited interactivity. This feels like much larger work than the first suggestion, but I think it could be useful for people who like to customize their workstations!

Thanks for reading, and apologies if things are already in development and/or infeasible!


Okay, after some tinkering, I got to this point regarding theming!

So Pywal and my scripts are definitely working it’s things, but the mismatch between the window tab and window background are really annoying. Any idea how to fix this?

I would love a Theme Editor! I think that the more customizable Krita is, the better. The customization is one of the reasons I love Krita so much! I would love the more easily make my own theme, for instance in the settings.

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Agree! As a guy who likes to tinker with his setup I’m more than accustomed to messing around in config files, but a place to easily tweak settings would be really cool. Another advantage would be to centralize all color settings in one place.

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You can use custom plasma theme in Krita :

for exemple here i use “Material manjaro dark”

You just have to download the theme and place the file “*.colors” in the krita’s ressource folder “krita\color-schemes”


The opacity shortcuts are i and o. There are also k and l for changing the lightness of the currently selected color and { and } for the size of the brush.


I Didn’t know this was actually possible :scream:

Tried it out and i can confirm it works on windows!

It is a little buggy tough, sometimes the colors of the previous theme stay on some icons. Also you need to restart Krita (if it was already open) because the theme list is only updated on start up. But otherwise I’m glad i learned this today!


I understand that, but I feel as if that system loses some of the precision against the slider for the brush. However, it’s good enough for me, I have one hand on the keyboard regardless :smiley: Thanks for the input!

very beautiful ! :speak_no_evil:

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I am nearly there regarding theming! The only thing missing is too programmatically change the canvas border color… Does anyone know what setting that equates to in the color scheme? I can’t find it anywhere.

Thanks in advance!

Thank you!

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anyone to re-upload this theme?

i can’t download this

The canvas border color color is not part of the theme, it’s in the settings

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@eldiablo99 you want the materia theme? if so use this link

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It’s a shame, that way I can’t programmatically change it via script :’(

  1. I also think that it would be great to have more “canvas input” shortcuts. Sliding left-right for opacity, lightness… etc
    Some time ago I thought about changing brushtip angle, just like you would rotate the canvas with shift+MMB. Guess it would be more convenient that slider on RMB popup.
    Even if there would be no default shortcuts, it would be great to have more of these in settings for personalization someday.

Oh, and about opacity changing shortcuts - I made a script some time ago that allows you to switch between most used opacity values. Maybe you would find it useful.