Ubuntu. Manage resources dont work. help

do I need to do something special apart from restart to make krita load new bundle? (if this is the case it might be the answer to my problem…)

If not:
Manage resources doesn’t work.

  1. It won’t open resource folder (nothing happens when clicked).
  2. When I try to add brush it opens import brush window but folder is locked to ~/snap/krita/57

I managed to add brushes by copying them to /57. Nothing really happens when I hit open, but I can find them in available by creating new bundle. I manage to add them to the bundle, save bundle and add it to active bundles, but it doesn’t show up as I restarts krita.

what a mess, I’ve been looking around but I can’t make it work.

It looks like you’re using a snap package, which has its own managed environment with some safety/security features.
I think that Ubuntu does that often nowadays with the software manager installer.

My suggestion is that you use the appimage from the download site:

and start again.
This is a personal suggestion and not any kind of formal recommendation.

Hi. thanks for reply.

I’ve also used the appimage.

I did the same thing… Add brushes(nothing happens), created a new bundle, added the brushes which show up in available to the bundle and added this to active bundles.

Still does not load as i close and open krita again.

(Is this the right way to add brushes? Is it just a load problem I have?).
(brushes also copied to the ~/.local/share/krita/brushes folder).

The ‘right’ way to add brushes (brush tip image files) is to use Settings -> Manage Resources and Import Brushes but this just copies them to the -/krita/brushes folder so it’s ok to manually put them there and start/restart.

What you’re trying to do by making a bundle from them and reloading that way is something that shouldn’t need to be done. Given that your brushes don’t seem to be loaded properly then it’s not surprising that a bundle isn’t working either.
(For bundles, I just manually put them into the -/krita/bundles folder and start/restart.)

Where are you getting the brush files from?
Is your Ubuntu a standard installation? No Apparmor or SELinux or anything like that?
Which desktop manager are you using?

With the appimage, does the resources manager open the resources folder properly?

Staying with the appimage:
Can you do Help -> Show system information for bug reports and also Help -> Show Krita log for bug reports?
It would make for easier reading of this topic if you provide the output as links to a file download service or use a pastebin service.

As a test, can you go here:

Download Aura’s hatching brush bundle and manually put it in the -/krita/bundles folder then start/restart and see if they show up in the Brush Presets docker and that they work.

I was trying to get the david revoy brushes from krita resources to work. Guess I thought they must work for sure… (looks a bit messy, lots of different files and no bundle).

The hatching brushes works! I downloaded other .bundles too and they work.

I got a bit lost searching for solution to the problem…
It’s good to know what is the right way to add brushes and bundles even though adding them through manage resources works as well i guess.
Is it just me or is adding brushes and bundles missing from the krita manual?

Thank you for good replay and help!

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Found it: Resource management / bundles