UI keeps changing!


I don’t get it. Every single time I open Krita the UI keeps reverting back to something undesirable and every time I have to keep pulling out the panels!
Why is this and I can I prevent this from happening?

I’ve tried to recreate that situation but I can’t.
I can have the left and right panels, with dockers as you show there, ridiculously wide and they are remembered and restored after a restart.

I’ve no idea why that could happen.

Yeah…this sort of thing is driving me crazy…been doing it for the past year across all versions/releases… Sometimes the UI will be the same as the last used and other times it will display some seemingly random configuration (not the default workspace). I do have a workspace arrangement that I created and saved and can reload it but it’s a bit of a pain to have to do this every time I open the program …

I know I’ve mentioned it at least once in the past but have just been ‘living with it’…

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Well i guess joy in the thought I’m not alone … though I really hope there is a solution to this and it must be fixed, otherwise it’s going to put me off for good.

Thanks for trying to help

What computer, OS Krita version etc are you using?

Sounds like krita has no write permission for the kritarc preferences file.
What does the file manager show as last date of modification?

Lastest stable version but has been doing this for past couple of versions. Windos 10 pro intel 11700i 64g ram

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Sorry I’m not all that techie, please explain more what you mean … what modification date, of Krita exe or krita file? This happens in all files, been happening for many months

The kritarc preferences/configuration file is at:
C:\Users\{your username}\AppData\Local\kritarc

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Ok thanks. Looking at the modification date under file properties is today.
Ps … I just got a feeling that this isn’t the problem, as it remembers all other changes I make. Unless this specific action in adjusting the docker, that it doesn’t save/remember …

@redrobin What about the kritadisplayrc file (it’s from the same location as kritarc)? Is that one updating?

Hi Sooz … just looked and yes it’s last modified date is today

I’m still puzzled by this…you didn’t mess with session settings, did you?

Is it only the width of those dockers that doesn’t get restored, but e.g. adding or hiding dockers gets remembered?

Sounds like a specific issue where Qt isn’t able to restore the window geometry, but I can’t reproduce it here, I did make a layout with two docker columns (toolbox and others) on the left like you showed, but it gets restored for me as expected.

If you explicitly save your layout as workspace or session, does it restore properly?

Further to the question by @Lynx3d about saving your workspace:
After you’ve saved your workspace and made sure that you can restore it, can you select the Default workspace then modify the width of the docker panels?
After that, after a Quit and restart, does that modified default arrangement get restored?