[UI papercut] - Rename layers, left arrow key moves cursor to the second last character instead of the first

When renaming layers, if I rename a layer and then use the arrow key to jump to the first character in the name — as per Windows defaults — it doesn’t jump to the first character, but to the second to last instead. This is inconsistent with the text tool, where the left arrow key does correctly jump to the first character of the name, see:

Could this be addressed please?

Okay, it sounds inconvenient, but keep in mind that Krita has Linux roots and has to run on several operating systems nowadays.
Maybe these things are connected in this not so nice way, and are not to change on the fly?

As a workaround, you could hit the Pos1-Key instead of the -Key, right?


It’s not a big deal and can be worked around easily, but as a Windows user, it would be nice if this could be addressed if it is a simple fix :wink:
Just reporting this here as I came across it.

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This does not happen for me…left arrow key jumps to the beginning of the selected layer text, just as expected.
I tried with 5.0.6 appimage and with self compiled master (well a branch I’m working on to be precise), so it’s definitely not some “on linux it’s normal like that” thing.

But your krita theme looks modified. If you applied some CSS tricks, that can have some strange side effects, just recently I was fighting with a case where it blocked certain settings from propagating to child widgets.

On Windows, this happens, even on my PC, but it never bothered me.


All Qt-based line edit controls do this on Windows. It’s the same for, for instance, the brush preset name line edit control, and it’s not something we actually control.

That’s unfortunate, let’s hope Qt ups their game. There seem to be a fair bit of limitations on the Qt side of Krita then…

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