Unable to Download

Hello may someone help me please? I am unable to download the newest version of Krita and don’t know why, every time I “downloaded” it, it says it can’t delete the old version cancelling the download. I deleted the old version but it still doesn’t work.

Can I get some help with it please?

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Which operating system are you using?

You were running an older version it seems, so which version was that?
Did that older version work well for some time?

Where did you download krita from?

This suggests that you actually did ‘download’ the installer and it ended up in your Downloads folder, but there was a problem with ‘installing’ it after you double clicked the installer to run it. (I’m assuming your OS is Windows there.)
Can you provide more clarity on this point.

How did you ‘delete the old version’? Where from?

Detailed answers to all those questions will help people to figure out your situation and what may be going wrong.

@Catherine_Oliveira Did you manage to install it? If not, send us the answers to AhabGreybeard’s questions and we’ll try to help you.

Hai!, So i’m new krita and when i downloaded it,
It always says 'Krita Not Responding", please i need help with this

Hi @Yuichan_0T - In case you didn’t see my note on your other post, please make a separate post. You can do this by going to the main page and selecting “new topic.”

Be sure to tell us which operating system you’re using. The more info you share, the better we can help.

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