Unable to upload file... why?

When I tried to upload an image, I got the following message:
Sorry, there was an error uploading that file. Please try again.
The image was in JPEG format. I tried recreating in with different levels of quality, different sizes; nothing worked. I can view the image just fine using Windows Photo Viewer (and of course, Krita). Can anyone suggest what I might be doing wrong?
Windows 7, Krita 5.0.2, Firefox 96.0.2.
(It seems amazing to me that I can’t find a previous post asking this question… am I the first person who ever got this message?)

Are you trying to upload a file to this forum? Can you try uploading another file here in this thread?

Apparently not a .JPG file. I chose a very small (180kB) JPEG, got the same result. Converted it to a .PNG; same issue. I was able to load this .GIF file, however. I was wanting to post a new artwork…
Salle Auriol Emblem (76x116)

I could upload the jpg without any issue.

Can you upload the file you are getting error with in imgur or some other service and give the link here.

I’m not sure whether I succeeded. I entered a link to the same image posted at Deviant Art. The image appeared, and I got a badge: Earned ‘First Onebox’. But the image does not appear in the Finished Artwork gallery as expected. And although there is a new entry on my Portfolio page, the image is not included.
Is there a delay between posting and addition to the gallery?

Also, I don’t really want to post indirectly via Deviant Art; I may decide to take everything I have off Deviant Art, and I assume that would break any links I might make from Krita Artists.

Your image in this post - Beneath the Hill is appearing correctly. But since it is a link to external image it willt ake time for server to download it. I have enabled that setting now. You can directly drag and drop an image in the editor to upload an image, rather than pasting the link to it.

See it uploaded correctly for me. I saved it to my computer and dragged the saved image to the post editor.

I am still unable to upload the file. I drag it to the post editor, and it says it is uploading; it works away for several seconds; but eventually it give up with the error message above.

Can you upload the file to some place google drive or dropbox and give me the link to try the exact file? As you can see I have uploaded multiple jpg files until now without issue.

I do not subscribe to any cloud storage. I can look into that, I suppose. Thank you for your efforts.

If you do not have any problem, you can mail me the file - raghu@krita-artists.org

I’ll do that, thank you very much.

Got your file now trying to upload it

The file uploaded correctly. Try a different browser or something. I am out of suggestions sorry

Again, thank you so much for your effort!

Create the post like you did last time with the link. The file will get downloaded automatically.

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