"Unknown Error" When exporting an animation

Hi! I’m a new Krita Windows user who would love to use this software for amination. I’ve heard this is a good place to go if you have an issue, so here I am.
I have ffmpeg installed, but I can’t export any animations, so, I turned to tutorials and reddit posts, but I couldn’t fix the issue.
Could I get some help?
Here’s a screenshot:

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

The manual has a section about rendering animations:

Where did you get ffmpeg from?
The recommended package for Windows 7 and 10 is here:

In the target/destination folder for your animated file output, is there a file called log_encode.log?
If so, please make it available via a link to a file sharing service or a pastebin. It can be quite large so please don’t paste it as a reply here.

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Thank you! The manual really helped! I can now export my animations!

I really appreciate it!