unknown software exception (0x40000015) in krita

Hello, I’m a casual Krita user of around 4 years and I am having a problem that I’m not familiar with for the past three days. Krita hasn’t been able to be opened and crashes on its loading screen, showing the problem as an unknown software exception (0x40000015). I have tried to fix it before by using the command panel scanner, wiping the computer memory a bit, configuring my computer, and reinstalling the program multiple times, but it didn’t work. I suspect that it might have something to do with the ridiculous amount of brushes that I have installed and made, taking up all of the memory, but they’re nowhere in the data folders, even in the folder that I remember having opened from the “manage resources” window before. Could you please help me out? I don’t know if this is a common problem, but I hope it can be repaired. My computer is a lenovo laptop with Windows 10 if this info can help. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Thanks to everyone for your time and advices, the problem has been solved!!! It was indeed because of memory clogging, but now it’s working!

I suggest you to backup your resources by copying them to a safe location and then delete the parent folder. You can access the resources through Settings > manage resources > Open resource folder. Then backup your Krita configuration. They can be found in %LOCALAPPDATA%\kritarc know more about this here

Once you have backed up, go to the settings menu and click reset Krita configurations.

Now start Krita and check if the problem persists. This will make krita as if it is run for the first time.

Thanks for the feedback, but the problem that preventing me from going through with it is that I can’t open krita as it stops at “loading brush presets” in the loading window and then crashes without opening the program itself, hence the suspicion that it’s from a memory overload, which I couldn’t fix as when I open the brush folder it only shows me the base bundles and brush presets that come with the program
I couldn’t find any other way to reset Krita because the hotkeys or file deletions don’t work either

If there are too many brushes when you clean the resource folder it shouldn’t be happening again. I also suspect that some antivirus or other program may be affecting krita?

there was a windows update which was downloaded a couple of days ago, but krita worked alright for around a day after that before it started malfunctioning so it might not be its fault


You can also take a look on event viewer (Windows logs > Application)

Search for an event raised by krita, and if any found, provide us details.


It could help (or not :sweat_smile:) to understand what happen


thanks, I’ll check it out!

I was wondering why you can not find your brushes and I ask this because some time ago someone was looking for his brushes in the “Program Files” path, but there is only the original collection of the brushes brought by Krita itself.

Where do you look for your custom brushes? In the folder “c:\Users{YourUsername}\AppData\Roaming\krita\paintoppresets” or in the folder “c:\Program Files\Krita (x64)\share\krita\paintoppresets”?
You can find your self-made brushes in the first of the directories mentioned before. If you have also created brushtips you can find them in the folder “c:\Users{YourUsername}\AppData\Roaming\krita\brushes”.


That screenshot shows that what’s get started is kritarunner.exe, not krita.exe. And kritarunner.exe is the headless commandline utility for running python scripts.

Oh, I’ve been looking in the wrong place all along because I accessed the brushes through program files, however my computer doesn’t have a Roaming folder which I suspect is because of a different language (french), but I don’t really know where else I could look for it because the Users folder doesn’t really have any folders that lead anywhere
Thanks for the info though, I will scout out if there’s any other folders on my computer that might contain the custom brushes!

Yes I know, it’s just to illustrate what an “Event Viewer” looks like…

But you’re right, I should additional information in my post to indicate to search for “krita.exe” application :slight_smile:


If you can’t find the folder “AppData\Roaming…” in your user-folder (C:\Users{YOUR USERNAME}\AppData…), then you probably haven’t activated the by default deactivated view of hidden files and folders in the Explorer. For that you need to start Windows Explorer and then follow the steps described in the screenshot, or get instructions on how to do that using Google or another web search provider.
Or didn’t you exchange {YourUsername} with your Windows Username?


thanks a lot for helping me out, I’ve got the resource folder! the folders were actually hidden by settings, but now I can see the Roaming one
I’m gonna try removing some of the custom material now

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