Unread messages?


Since this morning around 2021-11-16T06:00:00Z, all topics are unread.
I can scroll down until many days, it’s like I never read message :dizzy_face:

And if I read a message, it stay in unread status :confused:

That’s now very difficult to track where I am in forum…

Am I the only one?

Problem occurs on my smartphone and my computer, also on my windows VM, using Opera, Firefox, Edge…
Even tried in a private session but nothing change.

@raghukamath maybe a forum update have been made?


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Note: if I’m looking on “search” section, I can see read/unread message status properly.
But from main page (mostly “latest” for me) there’s no difference visible on messages…


Example from “latest” view:

=> “Unread message?” is highlighted as if it wasn’t read

Example from “search” view:

=> “Unread message?” is light gray as already read


I think I found something…

Hyperlink is defined to url /t/unread-messages/31937/4
Going on the page, I’m automatically redirected to /t/unread-messages/31937/3

If scroll up/down to topic, I can see url changing to:

  • /t/unread-messages/31937
  • /t/unread-messages/31937/2
  • /t/unread-messages/31937/3

But never to /t/unread-messages/31937/4
So link on main page is never flagged as “visited” by browser :confused:


On the main page, I can see the difference:

On the full list, there is no difference:

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Yes you’re right

Looking the difference, the “visited” class is present for div parent on main page, and applied to element:

On full list, the “visited” class is here, but not applied anymore…
Adding the following css rule allows to made a difference between read and unread messages:

.topic-list-item.visited a.title {
    color: #0f0;

I suppose something has changed on CSS file for forum… :man_shrugging:



Yes there was a bug relating to new post notifications. I made an update and switched to different plugin for the featured images since the old one is deprecated now. I think featured images are also inconsistent now. And I suspect this styling change is happening due to the update.

Currently I am solving yet another failed backup after that I will check this problem.

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Yes, I saw that “old” featured images were bumped up to banner :sweat_smile:



I have the same issue. I have everything unread in the development topic.

@Grum999 @EyeOdin and @AhabGreybeard this is now fixed :+1:t3:


Yes it’s working again!! :partying_face: :partying_face:

Many thanks :slight_smile:


On windows it is fixed but the issue persists on Android strangely.

Yes, I saw that too

Initially I was thinking it was a problem with browser cache, but after cache has been cleared (+smartphone restart!) the problem still occurs…


Yes I noticed this too. I will report this to the devs.

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