Unusual Dinner

This is an old artwork, I found today while browsing my archive disk.

I think I’ll revisit this theme later.


I love this. I once had a similar Idea for a comic strip and the dragon was basically like: “Actually I’m vegetarian. The razor sharp teeth are just for fighting.”
It’s lurking in my sketch book, still waiting to happen.

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That’s so cute! :slight_smile: Sweet lady dragon :wink:

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This is funny, I wonder if the knight will end up like the guy in the foreground after dinner :laughing:

Love it! Good work

That´s such an funny picture.
The dragon looks very girlie and the idea of a diner with the knight is just amazing.
Very beautiful lightsetting and drawingstyle.
Just wonderful!

Btw, thanks for your like.

Great composition, and hilarious message!

Kinda reminds me of Shrek, with the romance between Donkey and the Dragon. What a power couple those two were :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile: