Unusual/stylistic perspectives

Hi all,

Below are a couple sketches I’ve done to try and improve my perspective drawing. I am not going for a totally realistic appearance, as the first sketch is intentionally “fish-eyed”, but I want to make sure the pictures feel right.

In particular, I can’t decide if the left arm of the first sketch right, or really what to do with the legs, which appear a bit flat. The head/chin is challenging as well. In the second, I feel the entire neck/torso area that is visible is not right. I tried to box it out several times before this final sketch, and I think the chest/clavicle are positioned correctly, but the tilted neck and projection of the torso towards the right arm look way off to me.

Please feel free to sketch over or offer any/all critique, it is very much appreciated!


(P.S. is this kind of content more appropriate in the sketch topic? I do not plan on fleshing these out past the perspective work.)


Hope this is of help to you. :slight_smile:

Sorry the hand isn’t in focus… it was just about impossible to do with my phone.

I think the image you drew would be possible with a camera but it would have to use a wide angle lens.

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Using magic poser, wide angle

→ Your rendering is quite good I think :slight_smile:



This makes me think rotating the waist a little towards the viewer would let me bring the legs some more depth, since they will be coming into and away from the viewer a little more than how I have them now. awesome model btw!


What a great tool, really cool it has different lens options too! I appreciate that you think it matches pretty well :smiley: and seeing this I’d have to agree haha. The finger gun arm definitely needs some refinement though.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Computer models are nice, but I think you train your eye better using actual models. :slight_smile:

I think mine is an SFBT-2. The price increases are quite insane… I paid about $180. Hopefully the functionality increases as much as the price for the newer versions.

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Not sure

As you said:

And here, I like the highly distorted version of the hand gun

Also note the tool have some limitation, by increasing zoom the finger is cut (yellow lines is below example)
But if not cut, it might be something like the red shapes (quicky&dirty mouse drawn here)

Also, I had slightly modified hand & fingers position on this second screenshot.

For me yes.
Just, I had some difficulties to get exactly the same position for members (but I’m pretty near I think :slight_smile: )

If you drawn it without any model, I just can say good job :+1:


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