Updating in laptop

How can I update from 4.4.3 ver to 5 in laptop?

There is no way. 5.0 isn’t out yet. It is pre-Alpha so you have to build it from source.

Wait a month and there will be test versions out. Otherwise you have to build from source. Do you want to do that?

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I will wait for a month and try it out

You can try the nightly builds (look for that in the downloads page). But always back up your settings and resources before executing it because they can get messed up.

@Sweety_Satya_Durga As I remember, you’re using Windows 7 as your operating system and have recently had problems getting 4.4.3 to run properly. That little problem was solved I believe.

It may not be a good idea to try running 5.0.0 on your computer.

Tq for ur advise

Ok thank you