Use fraction in grid

Currently in 4.4.8 and also 5.0, I guess, you can use mathematical expressions in values inputs. It’s good but you need to manually enter the canvas width and height if you want to compute a third.

What about adding an option to process the values as fraction ?

Now the grid applying the rule of third is easily displayed.

It is more or less a complement of another feature request Change Unit Type of Grid to mm, or inches etc.


This would be easy if you could enter values in percentages like it’s possible in other parts of the Program. I remember suggesting something similar before too. Since we have millimeters and other measurements than pixels on other places of the program (like the “new document” and “scale image” dialog) too, it would make sense to also have them pretty much everywhere where currently only pixels are allowed.

+1 from me. Nice feature to have.
Would be good to have it more expandable to be able to input some common variables like PI and Tau.
Some math expressions like sin cos and company would be good too.