Useful key binds

i’m fairly new to this whole digital thing and don’t really know any key binds expect for Ctrl + z and a couple simple ones like M to mirror E to erase. can any of you guys give any tips for good key binds?

If you do Settings -> Configure Krita -> Keyboard Shortcuts group, you get a full list of the keyboard shortcuts listed in groups that can be expended/collapsed for clarity. You can also search for a word, such as “blend” in the search box at the top.
You can also change any keyboard shortcut, save sets of customised shortcuts and load new sets of custom shortcuts. It might be a good idea not to try any of that at first until you get more used to things.

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im on my computer trying but i cant seem to find the configure krita thing on my settings, i tried the app but i cant find the settings at all

Are you on Mac? If so, Configure Krita is in the same place as all general settings in all other applications, meaning under the application icon.

nvm i found it, it was hiding in the help option for some reason

thank you, this is helpful

ones I always use is:
B=brush (native)
E=eraser (native)
Z=isolate layer (added)
R=select layer (native)
Ins=create new pixel layer (native)
home=create new vector layer (added)

I use a full custom layout but that would be the essential

thats really helpful yes, thank you