Using Krita For Pinboards/Image Collections

If I were to create a .kra document with the sole purpose of placing reference images, how many images could it take until severe lag occurs?

Or would it depend on my device specs and the reference size?

The reference tool is great for collecting images and creating new ref combinations :slight_smile: .

Depends on weather the references are embedded or just linked and then it’s limited to your RAM and storage. But for only storing references there is not much benefit over just putting them in a folder on your device. Actually it’s much better not to use a kra file as a collection because when opening the file it will always load all images wears just having them in a folder loads just the ones currently viewed in a program.

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You may want to look at applications that specialise in organising and presenting reference images, such as Pureref:

Pureref is well known but there are others:
PureRef Alternatives and Similar Photos & Graphics Apps | AlternativeTo


Thank you for your input!

Those are what I’m looking exactly for and more :blush: .