Using Monitor and Tablet (Win 10)

A Krita bug? I use a main monitor and a Huion 13 tablet. In windows 10, I “extend” the images and then select the tablet and set it up as “landscape flipped”. Using the Huion driver UI, I can then set the focus of the extended image (two screens side by side) to the tablet screen, which then responds to the pen tool, etc.

Until a couple of days ago I could start Krita 4.4.7 on the tablet screen by clicking its icon on the main screen. The splash screen came up on the main monitor and then the Krita interface opened on the tablet screen. I could then work normally on Krita.

Now, when I boot Krita on the main monitor, the interface opens on the monitor rather than on the tablet. I note that I can use the pen on the tablet screen and Krita, on the monitor responds.

Since I have a healthy investment in my video tablet, it is frustrating to not be able to see Krita on the tablet and to have to draw as though it was an older-style blank tablet screen.

I would appreciate any thoughts about getting Krita to boot to my tablet instead of the main monitor. Thank you very much

Something has changed, obviously.

When krita starts on the main monitor, can you use the mouse to resize/drag it over onto the Huion tablet and carry on working in that way?
If you can, does it hold that placement when you Quit and restart?

Have you tried going through the Windows and the Huion UI to make sure that everything is as you previously arranged it?

Maybe a Windows update has spoiled things, as they can do. Did you notice one happening?

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Ahab, dragging the Krita window moved it to the tablet! It does hold position when restarting.Thank you so much. It took a lot of experimenting to get this dual-window setup originally. If any other Win 10 users could use a “how to” note, I could prepare one; or perhaps I’m the only one who ever did it this way.
You have helped me since I first downloaded Krita. I very much appreciate it.

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