Using the Ctrl key with Outline Selection to make selections other than Replace

From the Krita Docs on the Outline Selection Tool (lasso):

Holding Ctrl key while drawing the selection temporarily makes this tool to behave like polygon selection tool and you can then draw straight line selections by just clicking on canvas.

The problem that I’m finding is that it seems Ctrl also makes the Outline Selection Tool go into Replace mode, so you can’t Add to or Subtract from your selection while also using the Ctrl key to select in straight lines.

I tried to find a way to unbind Ctrl from Replace mode selection, but I think this is hard-coded? I’m already using Shift and Alt to choose whether I want to add or subtract, and personally I don’t see a reason to have Ctrl bound to Replace mode at all. Anyway, it does seem to conflict with the straight edge selection mode that is also assigned to Ctrl so this seems like a bug or a bad design choice.


I can confirm that conflict, as I use this tool with ctrl quite a lot. As a sort of workaround - if you have shift or alt pressed while you release ctrl those modifiers work as add and subtract modifiers.

But I think that it’s a conflict between two different shortcut groups and I would resolve that by making the polygon selection mode to respect the originally picked mode.

I also think that replace mode under ctrl is not needed that much as it’s already a default mode, and then polygon mode could be reached even without starting to draw the selection.

I would like to also be able to color pick when Outline Selection Tool is the current tool, same as you can when the Brush tool is the current tool, but that seems to be impossible. Alt key for the selection tool will enable the subtraction mode.

I guess all these settings should are what the Canvas Input Settings section is supposed to be for in Krita, but that whole set of customizable hotkeys and modifiers seems to be unfinished.

The reason I’d like to be able to color pick with Outline Selection Tool selected is to make it faster to do paintings with the selection tool. I have Fill with FG color set to a hotkey and I like using the lasso as a sketching tool, but currently I have to switch to the Brush or Color Picker tool every time I want to change color.

Also waiting for such feature. Would be very helpful.
Now in 4.4.2 when I try to cut from selection with straight lasso lines hitting Ctrl+Alt I got a straight lasso lines but instead subtracting it acts like Symmetric Difference mode - subtracts when selection exists and adds where it’s not. Not such convinient. Adding in mode Shift+Ctrl doesn’t work at all.