V4.0 of "Won't teach you to draw" brushpack released

I’m happy to announce that the fourth version of my brushpack is out, and ready for you to download :wink:

Big thanks to @RamonM for letting me include my favourites of his brushes and @boud for letting me use a small part of Digital Atelier.
“Won’t teach you to draw” is my small set of brushes I currently, exclusively use for all my artworks (basically everything I posted here so far was made using those). I try to keep the set small not to overwhelm users, but remaining high quality - they are quite well tested by me, and they come with the reference manual.
As the previous versions were an quite an unexpected success on facebook painting groups, I kept on working on them, which also helped me to improve quality of my own artworks.

I wish you a lot of fun with them.
Cheers :slight_smile:


I will test them asap. Thank you for sharing your brushes and ideas. :wink::+1:

Nice brushes!

Hey, I have a tip when using Dropbox:
When you generate a download link it looks like “wwwdotdropboxdotcom/ThIs1isAExampL3DonTCliCkit?dl=0”; If you change the “0” to “1” at the end of the link, you make it a direct download. Also works for hotlinking stuff!

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@RamonM That’s great :slight_smile: I hope you’ll find something interesting there to help you with your own ones :wink:

@Heyty Wow, I didn’t know that. Thank you.
In this particular case I’ll stay with what I have as I wanted this link to contain all the versions of the pack to make it simple to download previous versions if somebody didn’t like the update, allow to check the link whether new version is out, and give the latest version for those who came across an old post (the link stays the same).
Anyway that’s good to know, and I’ll surely use it whenever I’ll be publishing something with less potential to develop :slight_smile:

I really want to thank you for this awesome brushpack, there are very good!

That’s really good to hear. Thank you :slight_smile:

thanx for your time and effort. supporting rotation/ tilt is very welcome and useful.

Oh yes. It was a big deal, when I changed tablet to one with tilt support. I still try to make version of those brushes for those without it (as I’m sure they are the majority) but I find those features more and more important with time.
Thank you

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I’ll be giving the bundle a spin !
…Man my brushes have the worse icon set I have ever seen…seeing those awesome icons, I feel I need to give them more care.

So awesome! Can’t wait to see some great artworks with my presets again :slight_smile:
They are looking good, only because I decided to publish them - I create all presets with just current icon and one splat of paint, that show nothing of what this brush is :smiley:
But I’m kind of glad, that this publishing thing made me remove unused ones, organize them by usage, and prepare properly drawn icons - definatelly worth spending a bit of time once in a while.

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Awesome, I can’t wait to try them!

Quick question, I already own the V.3 pack brushes, so if I want to update to V.4 should I delete the V.3 pack or is it going to update on it’s own?

Thank you very much!

Recommended way would be to deactivate the v3 set to avoid having brush duplicates, but nothing wrong should happen if you have both of these activated at the same time.
Thanks for trying them out :slight_smile: