Various Turntables

Making this post because I saw @raghukamath being sad that the animation cateory was empty, and these are some of my better krita animations.

This all started back when I was still doing tutorials as kickstarter rewards, and @raghukamath requested one of those. And he wasn’t sure what kind of topic to choose, so I suggested perspective projection as one of the topics I wanted to tackle; it’s something people generally don’t practice enough because it is so technical, but once you understand perspective projection, it demystifies a lot of spatial drawing problems. While I was doing this, I discovered that yes, this is a really easy way to create an animated turn table:

(From the tutorial)

I’ve since made several of these things, because I discovered it really allowed me to understand how the bodily shape of the figure in question works. So it allows me to create a good reference of characters of my own:

(This one’s interesting because it is painted scene linearly, that is, the type of painting you’d use for HDR, I processed this one with Blender once I was done with it in Krita)

Or figure out other characters, like Nick from zootopia:

(The obnoxious watermark here is because I know that for well known fandoms like this one, shady figures just repackage fanart and sell it off, and I didn’t want that to happen here)

Or to figure out how Kiki, the Krita mascot is supossed to work:

(I did a progress thread of this one on mastodon.)

One day, I hope Krita’s transform masks can get animated properly(the feature exists in the code, but is so super buggy it’s disabled in the UI), because that would make making these thing a lot less tedious. If you want to understand how they’re made, check out the perspective projection section in the manual.


Awesome works and the last animation is really smooth

Thank you @wolthera for inaugural post in animation :heart:

I like the miloor and kiki, of course also nick one too.

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Yeah, that’s why I am hoping we can get tweening to work on the transformation masks someday, because the Kiki drawing drove me rather mad and having to adjust the topview manually was a bit of a pain(as I had to do that separately for 32 frames, the others are merely 12 to 16 frames).

@wolthera Don’t worry, I keep an eye on it :smiley: Just after the resources, you’ll see…
(Basic stuff like moving and scaling is so much done than with @scottyp 's help on Animation Curves it should all turn out quite fun as soon as @dkazakov or tyyppi fix the cache).