Vector layer?

Hello all. I am very new to all this digital art. I do use Photoshop and Affinity Photo fo working on some of my photos, but I am very basic with what I can do. Being in my 70’s and a bit thick when it comes to remembering things, or sorting things out, is the reason I am asking my first question. I promise not to pester you every day with questions.
I am having trouble with the vector layer. I have typed some words into a text box, but I am unable to resize the box. I can highlight the the corners of the bounding box, but it will not enlarge the box when I try to drag it. I can highlight each corner by pressing ‘control’, but still nothing happens. It will turn round, but not grow.
Another problem is I cannot fill a shape drawn on the vector layer. I can draw a rectangle or whatever, select it then click on the ‘texture box’ or the speech bubble selection, but nothing happens. I have tried to make sense of the help section, but all I get is highlighted text of what I have asked for in the search box, no real explanation. If I try to paint anything on the layer it tells me I need to be on a ‘paint layer’.
Am I going to get used to this do you think?
UPDATE. I think I have sorted the speech bubble part out. I have to drag the bubble from out of the selection box. But I still cannot alter the typed word by dragging the handles.

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Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Your profile says that your operating system is Windows 8.1.
Which version number of krita are you using? It won’t make much, if any difference, but it’s always good to know.

I don’t know what you mean by that.
It’s often a very good idea to take a full screen screenshot (.png) and upload it (with the Upload icon, just above where you type your replies on the forum) so that everybody can see what you are seeing.

You can’t paint on a vector layer, When you create text, it automatically creates a vector layer for it (if you hadn’t already made one for it), because text is defined and stored as part of a vector based system. The layer it’s on has a small icon that tells you it’s a vector layer.

For painting, with brushes, you need a Paint layer. To make one, you click on the largeish ‘+’ symbol at the lower left of the Layers docker.

You have two main problems here:

a) Text and its manipulation and b) Filling a vector shape.

a) Text:

When you create text, on a vector layer, it’s not a ‘vector shape’, it’s ‘text’. That sounds obvious but text is special with special properties. The most important being that you can edit it with a text editor.
Also, text has a font and a font size and line spacing and kerning, etc; all of which can be changed using the text editor.
If you could ‘enlarge’ the text by stretching its bounding box, it wouldn’t be text anymore. What it would be is a vector shape, to which you could do all sorts of things.

You can convert a text object into a vector object (specifically a vector path) with the Edit Shapes tool, using the Convert To Path button in the Tool Options docker.
If you do that, you’d be able to do anything to the resulting object. However, it would not be text anymore, it would be a set of vector drawn shapes that looked very, very similar to letters of the alphabet but would not actually be ‘text’. i.e. You wouldn’t be able to edit it with a text editor.

It’s best to keep text as text for as long as possible so you can edit its size, spacing, font, etc very easily with the text editor. If you want it bigger, use a larger font size.
Just select it with the Select Shapes tool then press Return and the text editor will open up.

b) Filling a vector shape:

When you create a vector shape, you can specify that it can be Not Filled or Filled by use of the options in the Tool Options docker.
When you’ve selected a vector shape, by clicking it with the Select Shapes tool, you can edit its properties (such as the nature of its fill) by the controls in the Tool Options docker:

Takeaway: You need to learn about and use the Tool Options docker which has essential functionality/controls in it.
You need to learn about the difference between the different types of layers and how to make them. Photoshop has very similar functionality but you did say that your use of it was very basic.

Don’t worry about asking too many questions. Just try to make it one problem area per topic. As a new member of the forum, there will be limits to how many topics and replies you can make and how many images yopu can upload but these limits will be lifted as time goes by.

Hi. Sorry, I should have mentioned, I am using 4.4.8. I have just downloaded it.
Thanks for the explanation. I was confused regarding the text, as when selected it gets a bounding box around it, with handles in each corner and the centre of the lines, but I cannot do any thing with them. I will try what you suggest. As I mentioned, I am used to photo editing and it those, text can be enlarged by pulling on the handles, whilst still retaining the correct proportions.
I am workingmy way round, it is just that some things do not compute in my brain as to why I cannot do something.
Regarding the ‘speech bubbles’, I have found that if I select a bubble in the selection box, then drag it onto a layer, it appears, but I cannot find any other way of putting onto a page.

Different applications treat text in different ways. Krita’s text facilities are quite basic but it is intended that they will improve in the future.

Every new application takes time to learn. Relax and enjoy it if you can :slight_smile:

Are you using the ‘Word Balloons’ from the Vector Library?
Because you haven’t uploaded a screenshot that shows what you can see with your own eyes, I can’t know what you’re doing and seeing and so I haven’t got a clue what you’re talking about.
It really is a very good idea to take a screenshot and upload it.

This is what I mean. I have just clicked the balloon, ‘Dream speaking’ and dragged it onto the page. Is this the way to do it, or is there an alternative? Not that I am bothered now I know how to do it.
Thanks for your help. I have found one or two tutorials on You tube, I find them easier than trying to follow written details, as they are usually written in terms that experienced users know, rather than total beginners. Hope the screenshot appears.

Yes, the screenshot appears.
Yes, you’re dragging word balloons out of the ‘Word balloon’ vector library.
Yes that is the way to do it but you need to drag that one further onto the canvas because it’s hanging over the edge at the moment as you can see by its dotted boundary lines.
I has so many boundary lines because it’s actually a grouped object, made up of a few smaller simpler objects. You can drag it anywhere and resize it with the little square handles on the edges and corners.

Thanks, I realised it was not fully on the page. I just plonked it there to show you what I meant, I was not actually going to use it. I will get there eventually, I just need to learn to draw again then!! :laughing:

Sorry here again. I have found the ‘Tools option docker’ but nowhere can I find ‘Convert to path’ or the ‘Edit shapes tool’.

As shown, you have the Select Shapes tool selected in the Toolbox (the one at the left of the window).
The Edit Shapes tool is directly underneath it.
Hovering over the tool icons to get tooltips is easy with a mouse because you can keep it still with no problem.
With a tablet, I find that there are continuous small hand/finger movements so the tooltip doesn’t show when you try to ‘hover’.
So, click on the Edit Shapes tool to select it and the Tool Options docker contents wil change.


The text tool in Krita currently is really basic, and while we wait for it to be improved (some devs already shown interest in doing so), I recommend using the Plugin Lazy Text.
Lazy Text Tool(Prototype) – A plugin that helps you type
For what I saw it makes Krita’s typing more easy to adjust, also more similar to others programs.

Hi Daishishi. I will have a look at that. Problem at the moment is the text, when selected with the Transform tool, states I cannot adjust it on an empty layer? So do I have to adjust it on a paint layer?

As shown on your screenshot above, with the text selected on its vector layer, you should be able to select the Transform tool in the Toolbox and it will be surrounded by a bounding box with handles that you can use to transform it.

The ‘empty layer’ warning is given when you have a layer selected that has nothing on it so I can’t undersrtand why you got that warning.

Lazy Text [ooks a touch to complicated for my old brain, Code etc. Thanks anyway.

As you can see it states .‘Cannot transform an empty layer’. I can select the transform tool, right click for options, click ‘warp’ and I get the error report.

Only the ‘Free’ transform can work on vector objects and text.
If you want to use the other transforms then you’ll have to convert your vector/text layer to a paint layer. This is a one way process, you can’t convert a paint layer into a vector layer.
Select the layer in the Layers docker, rigth-click it and then select Convert → To Paint Layer.

The LazyTextTool is as straight forward as it gets, just enable it under Tools and then draw where you wish the text to be. Left click commits your change, right click cancels it.

As long as there is a single text on the layer, there is also the option of a Transformation Mask

Thank you all, plenty to try. It will keep me going. The lazy Text site just looked a bit complicated as to what to download. 'Go to file button, or Code button. I know code can upset things if it goes in the wrong place, hence my shying away.

I forgot about the Transform Mask. That operates on the raster/pixel projection of the vector object.
I think that for now, you could convert the vector layer to a paint layer and go forward with that.

You mean the github site? (Code->Download Zip) It is pretty standard. There is also 0 chance of making a mistake cause Krita simply won’t load the plugin if it is not right.

That has done it, thanks. A bit confusing as the layers panel still shows it as a vector, even when converted.