Vector shape does not use brush

Steps to reproduce.

  1. Create new Vector layer
  2. Choose Brush (B)
  3. Select t) Shapes Square
  4. Switch to Ellipse Tool
  5. Draw the shape

All the settings are default.
Krita version is 4.4.8 (though on 5.0 the same output), as if I missed one checkbox.
On paint layer the output as expected.

I expect to have stroke made with fancy brush. Instead I observe solid line. What am I missing here?


Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

A vector layer just can’t use a raster brush because it manipulate vectors.


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I see. I though I could apply the brush stroke over the vector shape.

Is there any plans to make it possible?

Brushes are made to manipulates pixels.

In the best configuration, it might be possible to convert a vector path to a raster using a brush (that what is made I think when you use paths object like rectangle, ellipse or polyline on a paint layer)
But conversion of a vector shape to raster is not in “one click”

You have to:

  1. Select > Convert Shapes to Vector Selection
  2. Edit > Stroke selection…

Having a vector object rendered in real time with a brush maybe possible (internally I suppose, rather than rendering vector shape like actually, it might be possible to convert it as a vector selection and then stroke selection, and render stroke selection only)

But can’t confirm that will be OK in all case, with all brushes engines, neither the resources consuption (CPU&memory) it will need for a real time render

Krita’s developers might be best placed than me to gave you an answer about that.


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In my impression, the developers said that there is still a lot of work to be done when discussing vector brushes. We all hope that it can support all kinds of brushes like the vector layer of csp

You could use a vector layer as a base for alpha inheritance as a workaround but it is pretty limited. For applying texture or gradients, it should work. Basically you paint over the vector shapes on a separate layer with inheritance enabled.

I’m not sure but for me, there’s a big difference between:

  • Applying a raster brush on a vector shape
  • Creating real vector brushes (ie: brush that will generate vector shapes on a vector layer)

But I didn’t follow the discussions close enough to be sure of what we are talking about when you talk about “vector brush”


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