Veikk VK1560 - No Pressure

Type of device* : Display Tablet
Brand and version of the device: Veikk VK1560
System** : Windows 10 - Krita 4.4.5

Setting up the new display tablet, so basics at this point.

Pen is functioning (click menus / tools fine), but no pressure from the pen.

Settings -
Windows 8+ Pointer (Also tried WinTab) in Tablet Settings
Put Pen Pressure toggle button in the toolbar - It is toggling, but no pressure.

Can bring up Driver software and pressure is available, and it is available in Gimp & Blender as well.

Thanks in advance!

A classic mistake could be that you are using a brush without pressure sensitivity. Try the Basic-5 Size that has pressure. I’ll check back later because I’m busy actually, and perhaps in between there are other users with other ideas who can help.


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Wife is asleep now - I will have her try first chance tomorrow!

(Yes, it’s not mine… I’m the go-between… LOL)

Go to Settings → Configure Krita → Tablet Settings then press the Open Tablet Tester button.
Resize the resulting Tablet Tester window so it’s nice and big then draw lines on the grid area with varying pressure.

In the area on the right, you’ll see a list of events that are received.
They should say something like:
Stylus move X=153.31 Y=151.19 B=1 P=51.5% (DRAW)

The P=xy.z% is the received pressure signal.
What do you get there?

If you switch from Wintab to Window-Ink (or the other way around) in the Tablet Settings, how does that change the events recorded in the tablet tester?


Two tests for tomorrow already - You all are great!

Have got to get more exposure for this forum! I found it after hours of searching the problem, and there was only one hit I ever saw to here - Again after hours of searching - As soon as I saw it, I came and joined.

Thanks! Will report back ASAP tomorrow!

Combined response to both Michelist and AhabGreybeard’s suggestions:

Basic-5 (Michelist’s test) is no joy - No pressure.

Both runs of Tablet Tester (AhabGreybeard’s test) - No pressure readings were recorded.

Test runs are labelled at the bottom of each screenshot, and by file name



You could try to set the Windows internal “Pen and Windows Ink Settings” as it was necessary on my PC. You can’t break anything - either it works or not.
The quickest way to find these settings is usually to use Windows Search. Just search for Windows Ink there.
If it doesn’t work, you can reset the changed settings afterwards.
With the attached screenshots you simply have to proceed in order, since my PC is set to German, you will have different names, but if you work it from top to bottom you should be able to implement it.

Then I cross my fingers for you and wish you good luck and of course that it works with it.



Thank you!!!

Wife went through this all, and it’s working now!

Don’t know which one solved it, but we’re functioning with pressure.

Thanks again!!


Hello @Sieve70!

I am very happy for you!

And it is very good to have received this feedback from you! Sometimes people don’t get back to us and then we don’t know if we were able to help or if the person still has an unresolved problem.

This feedback is important in two ways:

  1. this feedback helps other help seekers if they find such a topic and can use it to solve their problems on their own, and
  2. this feedback helps us, the helpers, to help others again, because we now know that a certain procedure, a certain solution proposal has led to success, in order to help those who are not able to solve their problems on their own.
    If we don’t know that something works, then we can’t recommend it or use it if in doubt.

Furthermore, it is helpful if users mark a certain suggestion, a certain posting, as the correct, the right solution. This is then highlighted under the first post of the topic and linked.
So people looking for advice will find the correct solution right away - something that is not possible in your (this) topic, because you can’t tell exactly whose suggestion led your wife and you to success, but that is not a problem.
And so I can say, “Thank you for your feedback!”

Now I wish you a nice day and happy painting!


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