Very ipmortant for animation: filling gaps

Hi guys. I’m telling this from “animation in Krita” viewpoint. Right now i’m testing Krita for it’s animation capabilities.


And it is not an option to use coloring masks, etc in animation. For animators using a fill tool is only option. But it is hard to use without fill gaps option. Even if line has 1 pixel missing, fill tool expandes. So, could it be possible to implement fill gaps in fill tool?

While that would be a nice feature to have and would speed up work by a lot, have you tried using the colorize mask? Don’t know how well it would work in an animation setup but it can fill in lines even with gaps.

The colourise mask can’t be animated, at the moment, but there is a WIP effort going on to make it possible for it to be animated:

WIP: Making colorize mask work with animation (!661) · Merge Requests · Graphics / Krita · GitLab

It may be possible to incorporate the gap-filling abilities of the colourise mask into the fill tool but that would need developer comment and effort, if it could be done.

I would like the gap detection feature from the colorize mask to the fill tool too.

It would not only be useful for animation, but also would be awesome for normal painting process too. It’d be even better if this was implemented in selection tool. :smiley:

For Fill Tool with filled gaps we can steal the code or at least the mechanism from Gimp (I believe it has it implemented somewhat recently?).

For animation Colorize Mask will be easier, less clicking. Especially if there would be the functiom to replace the color which shouldn’t be that difficult to implement.

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The filling tool code of mypaint2 can also be referred to.


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