WASTE illustration

I mean to repost my artstation portfolio over here as it’s all done in krita.
This is a panel from my manga which became a webcomic with time.

I guess it’s one topic per artwork if you want the portfolio to display correctly ?
(I wish there was a preview before creating the topic)


Welcome to the forum :heart:

Thanks ! Do you know if there is a way to change my user name ? from TENGU_MANGA to MangaTengu ?

Yup I can do it. Although I think you can too.

Should I change it to “MangaTengu” ?

Dang it, that sky is gorgeous! Welcome to the forum, interested in seeing what you post here :smiley:

Please can you do so ? I can’t get an edit button on the username in Account :o

Thank you so much !

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Done :+1:t4:

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When create a topic and write something in the text editor on the right side you can see the live preview.

Thank you ! Wonder how I missed it !