Watercolor brushes making weird shapes around

I was trying out the watercolor brushes in Krita and they make sometimes weird shapes around the strocks of the brushes. I filmed a little snippet to let you see what I mean.

Is there a way to avoid that kind of behavior?

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I really saw it with the white brush strokes, but I wasn’t sure it was happening with the pink strokes. Maybe it’s related to how bright the color is, scaling up as it approaches white?

I have no idea to be honest. I thought what you said made sense but I just tried with a grey background to see if it does the same thing. Unfortunately, it does.
I am wondering why some brushes really shows that but others are fine.

I am questioning myself if it is the settings I might have touched and it made this mess.

Edit: I found what was causing my problem. Basically when I choose float I have that. I’ll just use integer from now on. But is it normal it does that :open_mouth:?

Maths work a little different in floating point, so that leads to unexpected blending effects.

Could you make a bugreport with the links at bugs.kde.org under the product Krita? I am unsure what we can do about it, but we should should have a report so we don’t forget about it.