we need click and drag on the eye icon to switch the visable status of the layer.

what you think,guys?


This was requested before, and we literally cannot implement it. Our gui toolkit just doesn’t allow for it.

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I have wanted this a lot! Sad to hear about the gui toolkit is not allowing it. I wish that it can be implemented in the future somehow

sadness~ :unamused:

Could you, or @Rakurri explain how is this better than current state? Like you want to perform some drag and drop operation to switch visibility? Is drag and dropping more convenient than simply clicking on an eye icon for you? You can even assign a keyboard shortcut to toggle visibility of active layer/selected layers.

I would also love to see that on Krita :slight_smile:
I cannot answer for the other participants. But I can say that it is a very dynamic function (and this is not about touchscreen / gestures etc). Because this function has already in "that program’ at least since version 5.0 / 1998.

I don’t understand a benefit from this – not only click but need to drag also to switch a layer status? In some apps I saw similar to delete layer: sort of throwing off the layer from the stack.

I also have no idea why this would be better than just clicking the eye, seems unnecessary to me. In fact click and drag seems more work than just click. I Would like to hear an explanation of how this could be helpful at all cause so far I don’t see any benefits.

They want it because it is a feature in PS. That’s also why I knew it is not possible: it had been requested before (during the big overhaul of the layer docker), for exactly the same reason. :slight_smile:

I’m not the best person to answer, but I’ll try: this feature is great for turning off / on multiple layers at once.
If it goes for just one layer it doesn’t make sense.

For the sake of clarification, I think this is what we’re talking about:
Instead of having to click the visibility for every layer, you could just hold a single click and drag up or down the list to toggle all the ones you touch.

Blender for example has this convenience feature for various grouped together UI switches. You can even drag over multiple vector components and change the value for all of them at once.


Ahh, thank you for the clarification and example. I am not familiar with photoshop features, so the previous posts just made no sense to me. I can see how that can be useful now.

Though I doubt I would use it myself even if this was possible in krita in the first place, but that is not relevant to the discussion. Anyway thanks!

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It is like Snudl showed in post #11, click-dragging across all the layers you want to hide/unhide saves the user clicks and allows for a faster workflow in my experience. Selecting multiple layers and using a shortcut takes 3 clicks, dragging like in the Blender example is 1 click.
And it just feels super great to do! :smile:


Krita allows to switch layers on/off in a much simpler way than Ps, by:

Click + shift

On a layer. It does the job in a fraction of time, hiding all layers except the clicked one .

If I have 7 layers, and I want to quickly hide 5 of them while keeping 2 visible, I would still have to hide each one by one. Or inconveniently put them into a group and hide that, which takes some time.


It is a feature that allows to save a bit more time. I see it from a very practical standpoint: more features that make working faster = more time saved.

I tried to think of a solution and how about this: Ctrl+H for selected layers. So you could also select them and say skip a few in between and just switch them on and off. Like it is on the canvas for Selections. A simple hide/unhide toggle.

I mean, you can already select them as usual with the mouse and then press this combination or right click and “Toggle locks and visibility -> Toggle layer visibility”. The feature is already there. We would just need the key combination.

What do you guys think?

@Venn Doesn’t that toggle all layers but the one you click on? It does that here for me. Maybe we’re talking of different things tho.


The ‘Toggle Layer Visibility’ is really useful indeed and a possible workaround. I have a shortcut assigned so I just have to select the layers I want to hide and press the shortcut. It has the additional advantage that I can select multiple layers that are not in sequence.

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you can toggle layer visibility by pressing “h”, it works if you select the layers you want and press “h”.

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I can assign this shortcut but it’s not there by default, I looked at the “default” and “Krita default” keymaps and it is empty in both for me. Did I maybe miss something? :slight_smile:

i don’t remember setting this shortcut, i though it was by default… (you can set it in the settings though). ctrl+h is already set for hide/unhide the marching ants when you have a selection.