Webtoonist - Episode 3 opening

Hello ! This was not meant to be polished, so I constructed it loosely and paid the price for my decision all the way…
Especially since it’s not a dirty urban env or an organic landscape where you can stuff things up all you want, but a very rigid and classical building.
BTW this could go to the virtual plain air topic, it’s inspired from a google image I took from the entry of my highschool.
Krita’s assistants are great tools, but can be greater. Remembers me I told @RamonM I had suggestions for the perspective tool, the thing is I would feel much more at ease to explain in a video than in text…so I will certainly record something.

Back to the painting, it’s part from a secondary webcomic I started lately.


Looks good! Colonial houses are hardest to make interesting because they are really boring looking. XD
Krita’s perspective tools are great, but for me personally, it actually makes things harder(?) Like if I use the guides, I tend to make boring, awkward and dull paintings.
So I just kinda go with my gut and do some manual guides…

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Thank you :slight_smile:
Let me tell you I think and feel the same !
But about the guides, it depends to me on the subject:
-Precision tools + precision subject = stiffness and boredom danger.
-But Guides with very organic urban landscapes (favelas, “popular” towns or asian urban dense stuff") is so so so cool.

When I wrote this story I wanted to go for something way less sci fi than my main stuff so…that’s what I get…I would never have believed I would draw the entrance of my highschool…

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The best inspiration is that from our own lives!

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