Weekend at sea

It was very sunny weekend at Croatian sea coast.


Gave me GTA loading Illustration vibe :). the colors and the tones are awesome. You are also in #featured now :+1:t5:


That car gives me nostalgia… My dad used to drive a car just like that

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Nicely done! love the colors!

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Really nice! However there are some things that stand out to me, and it’s mostly the lightness of the blut of the sea. Other than that, pretty stellar job!

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I keep coming back to this painting. I absolutely love the brilliant colours which mesh harmoniously in such a pleas manner. It’s like a Beethoven symphony. Beautiful !!

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woow naole I’ts very nice to hear I’m glad that you like it

i can’t resist to make a test with new brushes here. Happy with the result. A bit Manara style.

Maybe i will do more with this tecnique. Thanks for your picture. If you allow me i publish this in twitter with a link to here.


of course you can do whatever you wish with it.
exelent draw on this one do nice combination of brushes

how you do dat doe