Weird lines in Krita

Hello there (everyone)
I need help badly with an issue in Krita, that I’ve been trying to figure out for months, and even though I posted it, no one seems to know how to solve it.
My program started to cause lines to rush, or jump forward when I’m drawing and I can’t fix it. I try everything.
When I place the pen on the drawing pad and begin to draw, nothing happens for a second, then the line jumps forward and I have no control over the drawing.

Could anyone help me out with this please. It’s been months without being able to use Krita, which is my favorite program.
Thank you - you may also reply to if it’s ok.
All the best

A video would be helpful to see the issue (That shows the whole screen and the line problem.) What tablet are you using?

I’m using Huion tablet. It works fine with But I prefer Krita.
Any tips of doing the video?
Thank you so much

Hi I moved it to the correct subforum and created a new thread for you :slight_smile:
Would be best to first try the standard tablet issues tips:
Another thing is checking is changing Canvas Graphics Acceleration in Configure Krita -> Display helps (you need to restart Krita).

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oCam Screen Recorder is simple and free screen recording software

@tiar, there is already opened topic Line skips/slips/rushes ahead of me

Ahh well… I haven’t noticed it. I moved it from the beta thread because it didn’t belong to the beta thread… Maybe I could move it to that thread but not sure if there is a point…

Thank you Tiar,
I will try that.

OBS Studio is great free and open source, and there is a built in recorder in Windows accessed by Win + G
You can drag a video into Imgur and it will quickly make a shareable link for you!