Welcome to "Duncan: The Culture" (SECRET PROJECT OUT NOW)

Hey, everyone! I have exciting news.

As most of you know, I have been working on a secret project subtitled “Duncan” for the past few weeks. Many of you have loved the previews such as the artworks and project updates, which excited you all!
But now… is the time to reveal the secret project.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s cut the ribbon together to reveal to you…


Duncan: The Culture is the furryverse I have been working on since Summer 2020. And now, I can finally show it to you all! This has been a dream of mine I’ve been thinking about for many years, and it’s finally come true.

This site contains the beginning to present of the series, and you guys are going to love it.

I also need your help- let’s blow this site up! Not literally, I mean blow up in popularity.
Tell your friends, families, kids and grandchildren about this, share it with the globe. I want you all to participate in this exciting feature.

Also, I will start posting recent DTC artworks on this site from now on. Now you might see random artwork from me on KA!

And if you want, tell me your favorite picture!

Thank you guys ever so much! Now I’m going to take a little break. My school’s heading on a field trip for a week!

Your best friend, SimonBrother


My favourites are the comics. Particularly Roxy Meets Her Match.

One thing I didn’t care for so much is having to browse through the collections to find the comics.

Oh, and I think she should say “Fifteen love” instead of “Fifteen zero”. :slight_smile:

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Congratulations! I love the character section with all the bios.

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Quick Update: The site has been updated so a minimal amount of pages will run on mobile devices.

As someone who wants to make her own series as well, this is amazing!
I love your art, it’s very cute, and the story is interesting. Congrats on your project. :grin:

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Hey @SimonBrother, congratulations on getting your site up! I’ve been by a couple of times to look at it, and it’s pretty cool! You have a nice style, I enjoy it very much! I especially like your character art - the faces are very well done and friendly. You’ve been blessed with quite a gift, keep at it! God bless!

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