Well what do you think of thanksgiving?

Me just going to hang out out and eat

My family and I don’t pay much attention to it. Honestly, we just take advantage of the deals.

I always thought it was a strange celebration. I’d heard it was to thank the native Americans who had helped the European settlers get through the winter by giving them food in that time of scarcity. But I never saw any modern Americans invite native Americans to thank them during thanksgiving.

Just now I checked Wikipedia about thanksgiving and the native American thing is apparently just a minor subplot.

Anyway, it passes very much unnoticed in my home.

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My parents (my mom is Catholic) before eating, always does a blessing over food that was made. Every year, we put together a list of food we want to eat and we just put it all together. It’s pretty sad that one day, people are thankful for stuff then the next day when Black Friday/Cyber Monday hits, everyone is WWE style fighting over 70% off crockpots and pushing children like carts to grab the last TV. There are so many videos of fights going down on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.


There is SO much to be thankful for. In this super materialistic, consumer driven world , with so much going wrong and people hating each other for every small thing…it’s nice that this tradition exists to focus our thoughts on being thankful…doesn’t matter how small the thing we are thankful for. I’m currently getting ready to brine a turkey and then tomorrow I will cook some side dishes and then on Thanksgiving I will cook the main meals. I make Indian and American dishes because my family is blended. Then next day, honestly we are all so tired and full of food that we do not have the energy to run to the stores to shop for Black Friday…I just like to relax at home and spend time with family. It’s sad when people trivialise or commercialise a day to give thanks. Whatever the history of this day…we can just celebrate each other and show love :heart: :partying_face: :poultry_leg: :fondue: :wine_glass: :candy: :clinking_glasses:


you are right :slight_smile:

I also do that too :slight_smile: and woo their is fights in black friday :open_mouth: ???

lol XD

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ahh ok very nice to hear :slight_smile:

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