What are some of the traditional painting techniques that you have translated into digital painting?

We all have some form of techniques or workflows when we paint traditionally. For example some prefer to have an underpainting before starting the final piece, some may prefer to do glazing over the final painting. What are some of the traditional painting methods or techniques, habbits that you have brought into digital paintings?

How well the technique holds up in digital space? What improvements you made?

We would love to hear your tips and techniques.

Working in layers [from watercolors]

Though I started both at almost the same time - i didn’t get better in coloring in digital until i get a hold of watercolor.

In watercolor you kinda start light - sometimes messy, and wait to dry [or use a dryer] - then slowly work the detail. More of this building up kind of workflow. I’ve been able to be fine to have my initial color be all over the place and not tight - where as when i’m starting i try my hardest to get the flats perfect and no spill.

On some side note - touch glaze blush :joy: that tiny dab or red.

Oh thumbnailing with some colors was another one