What are the 'Left indent' and 'First line indent' tooltips for?

There are two tooltips that appear when the cursor is held at the left edge of the vertical ruler.
The cursor needs to be close to the left edge and stationary to get them but they stay there as long as the cursor is on the ruler.

These are ‘Left indent’ and ‘First line indent’ as shown below:

Left indent

First line indent

The Toolbox being there is not significant and they appear if the Toolbox is relocated so that the ruler is at the leftmost edge of the main window.
I can’t figure out the diffence between the ‘Left indent’ one and the ‘First line indent’ one as regards the different conditions to make them appear.
The horizontal ruler has no similar tooltips, as far as I can tell.

I’m wondering what they are for.

Wow nice find. I think they might be left over tool tips from the older Krita code. May be @halla or someone else knows