What are you planning to get for Christmas?

Hey, guys. I just want to start another conversation. Don’t worry, I’ll do more art soon. I just finished moving my whole computer setup into my bedroom the entire weekend, so I’ll resume shortly.

Now, on the other hand, what are you planning to get for Christmas?

Two of my most wanted are either a Roku for my computer, or the newest game coming out in ten days- FNaF: Security Breach.

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I’m saving for an oven.

for self I want a 3d printer [which i will try to get next year not now]

for art things. I already got my art stuff so… :sweat_smile:

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already got a used/reconditioned MS Surface 3… :slight_smile:

I’m a new user, so hi~ I’m Gab and I tend to type blocks of text lol

Non-art related:
I’d get them this Christmas if the designer released them this month instead of March next year: a bunch of informative and interactive pins. The main ones were for pain scale and anxiety scale, but the artist also designed ones for other stuff like energy and being nonverbal. It was pretty cool.
I’m more excited that impatient, though, especially since the designer of the pins is chronically ill themselves.
For now, I might just get myself a basic phone for important contacts. I’m trying to avoid smartphones since I spend too much time on the internet even with just a computer.

Some tracing paper and acid-free paper.
Tracing paper because I’m not used to digital line art yet. The texture is so slippery and my graphics tablet’s model is known to not be too compatible with Krita (Hello, notorious Deco 01). I’m not letting it stop me, though. I’ve gotten accustomed to Krita’s interface and been doing a bunch of flat colors now, with scanned traditional line art. Just enough to get something recent on my portfolio.
Acid-free paper in case there are stuff I want to preserve. I’m currently not too big on texture, only with lines, so in most cases “preserving” drawings via scanner suffices.

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I’ve been gifted this one for my birthday (October), but since the delivery is delaying a lot (because it’s from a country far, far away from mine) I might actually receive it for Christmas. :frowning: I’m waiting for a harness with beautiful metal engravings to it, my sense of fashion is weird and very formal :laughing:
Also, what’s a “Roku”?

Wacom cintiqu 24" :slight_smile:


Let me provide you with a link:

(A Roku is a device that has pre-installed streaming apps such as Netflix, Hulu, Prime, etc. It’s not a gaming console.)

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Looks really cool !! I hope you can get it soon, my parents have installed something similar to Roku and it’s comfortable to use :laughing:

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