What Brush can Recreate this Inking Style?


I’m starting to learn how to ink since I’m interested in creating a comic. While I was on the internet, I found these references that I really like, and I’ve tried to recreate the style to no avail. I wanted to know if someone knew what brushes in Krita could recreate this inking style?

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Probably not the answer you’re looking for, but basically any somewhat hard brush. This has more to do with the artist’s style and use of hatching and spotting black than any brush specifics.

What specifically about the brush strokes were you looking to emulate?


When I try to emulate the loose style, I can’t seem to find the type of brush. To me, it seems to be an opaque sketch maker that has a bit of texture on the edges. It doesn’t seem to have texture in the brush stroke since it has full dark areas but it does not have a smooth stroke. I also noticed that it has a blunt end, where it starts and does not taper; however, it does have sharp thin lines that end in a point.

I haven’t been able to find a brush similar to those characteristics.

Thank you for asking.

That looks like a pressure-sensitive pencil preset. The tapered ends are a function of the artist feathering the pressure at the end of the stroke. Maybe try c) Pencil-1 Hard from the default 4 bundle.

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Thank you for your suggestion. I tried the brush and it seems a bit transparent and slightly blurry, to me. I think you’re right that it might be a pencil preset instead of a marker preset, so I’ll be investigating more pencils.

Thank you!

I would say he didn’t just use one pencil. There are lines with thickness variation, but note that on the character’s knee (first drawing) there are lines with uniform thickness.

I think you’re right!

I’m wondering what brushes and how to use them; if I should start with the pencil brush for everything and then go over it multiple times with the uniform and pencil brush to darken areas and hatch them or if another way exists.

Thank you for your help!