What happens during Rendering

If you are doing frame by frame animation and you have blank spaces between keyframes, when the animation is rendered does krita attempt to smooth the action between keyframes? And if so will hold frames between the keyframes stop krita from smoothing when rendering the animation?

I don’t think so.

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What happens in Rendering is actually fairly simple and krita doesn’t try to do anything fancy or clever. It produces a set of frame images which are then used by ffmpeg as its own input, with an ffmpeg generated video file as output.

The best way to see what happens is to make a short test animation in krita and then Render it with the Export: option set to Image Sequence and you’ll get a permanent set of the intermediate .png frame files that you can look at.
(If you do this with output to your dektop, do it into a folder on your desktop or you’ll get a desktop covered in .png files.)

so is it possible to put just few pictures, and krita will make it smooth? yes or no?

No, it is not.

thanks for knowing me too.