What is "convert to animated layer" option ?

I have a question.
I can find an option “convert to animation layer” under Configure Krita >keyboard shortcuts >Layers.
Which is providing an option to add custom shortcut,but in canvas mode under layer > convert,no such actual option is available and because of the unavailability, I was not able to test out that particular function.

I have already tried out " convert group to animated layer" option (under Layer > convert) and I found that option extremely useful :slight_smile: !
But I am still quite confused about that abovementioned option.
Can anybody provide some information regarding this ?

As far as I can tell, it doesn’t do anything.
My ‘guess’ would be that it is or was intended to convert the contents of a single paint layer to a keyframe at frame-0.
That would be the equivalent of right-click on the timeline and then Create Duplicate Frame.
One of the developers would be best placed to confirm (or not) that guess.

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I guess you are probably right.
In that case, I am just curious to know why in the end it was not implemented under the menu !
…and if that is an obsolate option now,then why it is still available under Krita configuration !
Maybe someone from developer team can provide some information in future :slight_smile: .

@ari @AhabGreybeard You can convert a group with a bunch of layers into an animation. It works like this: create a group, then add some layers and draw on those layers. Select the group, click ‘convert’ and then the layers inside the group will be displayed sequentially on the timeline. Hope that helps!

Thanks for the input.
I have already checked " convert group to animated layer" option.
It is extremely helpful in certain cases ( like simple animations or importing layered psd files made in other softwares and make them easily ready to animate inside krita).
I find that option very useful.
But my question is different.
I have found a new option inside krita shortcut,which is :-

…but it is not available here !

So I want to be sure,why it is not available here ,that’s all :slight_smile: !

Ah… ok… sorry! Now I’m interested too :slight_smile:

No problem.
We will both wait eagerly :grinning: !

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