What is the more Natural Gradient?

which gradient feels more natural between these 2 colors?


I’d say the bottom one.

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Bottom one also feels most natural too me! Though, the top one feels smoother in my opinion.
I like the look of the bottom one the most :blush:

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I guess I will implement both methods then.

Upper. In the lower appear too saturated shades of other colors.
However, adding variety to the palette may not be so bad.

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Rakurri said it best for me. Its not a straight forward either or answer.


Top looks more digital, while bottom one more traditional - I guess the first one is more of a linear transition you would get with a gradient tool in krita or any other painting application. I would like to have the possibility to switch to the second one in a gradient tool though, when I want more painterly look (and that’s often).
So for me it’s the bottom one, as it’s not something I would expect - also would like to see if other colors transition that well too.

it works with “any” selected color already on both methods.

I was just not even expecting the difference of colors to be so noticeable on each method, I kinda stumbled on this I only had a suspicion considering how color spaces work that is why I gave it a shot. I choose green and pink at random to make the question really.

But I got undecided after it started spewing out values my way and its usefulness but the math seems to be working properly.

Now I am making a panel to interpolate in one way and another similar panel to interpolate the other way so you can choose which you want to use.


took me a bit but here it is working

that was a good thing to do since I will be able to interpolate more stuff now if I need to.

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