What is the most logical way to learn Krita please?

I’ve followed a couple of youtube tutorials. The Krita manual seems rather condense, I am a visual learner. Can anyone recommend any good sites or people to follow and where they are to learn more about Krita?

I found this course on udemy to be most helpful:


You could also try some photoshop tutorials. They obviously won’t translate 100% to krita, but a good portion of them will. I personally learned a lot from just trying to replicate certain effects from these tutorials and found new ways to do stuff on my own!
Krita unfortunately doesn’t have a big enough repository of tutorials as other programs do, so you’ll have to inevitably do some digging in the manual.

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Thank you very much for making me aware of these courses. That is very kind of you Joyrider. I will check them out.

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Thanks very much F035, that is very kind of you to point me in a direction that will help me on my journey. If I can help at all with anything give me a shout, I’m a writer. I will definitely take a look at these too.

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There is a Youtube channel called “JustCallMeInsane” which has short videos about various features in Krita.

But the best way to learn Krita in my personal opinion is to help other people with their issues :wink: Often when someone asks “how to do X, I tried this tool but it doesn’t work” you realize you need to open Krita and try that tool and then you learn how to use it. That’s how I learned lots of Krita’s features.


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It’s a pleasure to cyber meet you. Thank you for your help it is very much appreciated. I guess I’m a deer in headlights right now so any help is most welcome. I will check out that YouTube channel definitely. I have taken on board everything that you are rightly saying. I have looked at the Krita manual but I am not sure that this is the best method of learning for me, yes playing around with features definitely will help. So maybe listing each feature, googling for it and then trying to apply each one might be useful to me and I should just work my way through them. I really should find out next how to upload my drawings on Krita so that it will hopefully show me improving because right now my style is basic.
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I strongly second this recommendation. Sample lessons available if you are not sure and sometimes sales or coupons on the price.

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Lovely to cyber meet you. Thanks ever so much for seconding Joyriders recommendation. I think I have got plenty to go on from these suggestions.
Have a wonderful weekend.
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