What is the size of canvas you use?

For me, I always start with a 4000 x 3500 size clank canvas of any color usually that usually ranges from white to light brown.

So tell me, Krita users, what is your usual canvas size?

Usually the A4 300 ppi preset.

Then use the fill tool with a medium grey with a bit of colour in it. Different from time to time so it won’t get boring. :slight_smile:


I start with a 2500x2500 canvas so I can crop it to the most random resolution possible. I’ve done it with all my artworks ever since

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A4 300 ppi , with 100px border guide.
2 layer default, with background layer as light parchment cream - sometimes i change that to bluish gray

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I usually use A 3 300 DPI landscape format and that is then dark at the bottom and prepared with a light blue at the top, since I actually only paint landscapes so far (I try… :wink: ).



I used to start at 3000x3000 300 dpi – but while exploring the RGBA wet brushes, i started some smaller - like 600x600 - did the drawings as big shapes and then scaled it up.

Why was this awesome for me?

  1. I solved composition first (it’s hard to do much with details at a small size)
  2. When you scale it up - the texture gets scaled up with it, and that makes for some happy surprises

I start with 2000 x 2000 but during the composition phase I usually end up reshaping it using the crop tool set to “grow.”


That’s very similar to what I do, I draw a small image and then crop it.

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I am still working on Krita 4.4.8, but regular RGBA brushes are really cool. That’s somewhat like a thumbnail sketch!

I don’t usually try drawing landscapes, they are too hard for me! :sweat_smile:

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I have a ”default” template at 4000x3000 pixels. No particular reason for that specific size. I tend to do a number of sketches on the same canvas, then crop out the thumbnail that seems to work and scale it up to, say, 2000 pixels wide. Then I do most of the lighting and large-scale problem solving and scale up again to 200-300%.

There’s something about working at different resolutions that is different than just zooming out. Some brushes seem very resolution-dependent, but I’m not sure that’s all there is to it.

Same here buddy, same.

I don’t use presets that often, maybe I should try some time. :thinking:

Yeah, brushes do that. Some brushes look nice larger, others smaller, it’s confusing sometimes!
That is so similar to what I use though! Just a bit smaller.

It is kind of convenient to not have to enter a size manually. Otherwise I don’t have a real reason to choose a particular preset. That one just has enough resolution for me.

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I usually start with 2000x2000 while I am sketching smudging and making a mess, and then I upscale it when I think I will start on what I think will be the the final-ish “paintover”. Since then I know a lot of the “only 2000pixels resolution” will be smudged and painted over with more detail

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My current Pepper&Carrot comic pages Krita files are 3840x5422px :smiley_cat:

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:wink: exactly

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That’s quite the specific size! I’m going to try making a comic of my own, so I’m probably going to use a similar size, or just a vertical version of what I use now. :man_shrugging:

Ooooooh, Undertale comic?

0.0000000000000000001% chance there’ll be a Duncan cameo :sweat_smile: