What plugins would you like to see?

No problem

I was just referring this remark:


new features within Krita only or entire separate programs.


A plugin that helps you change the blending mode of multiple layers would be very useful, at least for me

What do I mean:

  1. Select multiple layers
  2. Click on the dropdown menu for blending modes
  3. Click any of the blending modes
  4. Now all of the layers have been set to said blending mode

thanks :slight_smile:

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Have you tried selecting multiple layers, then hitting properties? Then changing the blend mode?

I still wanted a Bob Ross plugin. Whatever that might be, lol.

Imagine him talking to you as you do stuff. Or blocking ctrl z because your on a painting and you make happy mistakes.


Play games like : tetris, snake or some old games like that.

like a file browser docker for images in the system folder to see thumbnails and double click to open a single image bigger.

Does not Krita Photobash Plugin release 1.0! - #25 by Venn do that?

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it does? I was not aware how that one worked at all, I am gonna try it then.

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I would like to have an option to check fitness of image to smartphone display like CSP has. Essentially is 1/2 ratio frame that dimms canvas outside frames, is attached vertically to the center of document view and zooming with canvas.

This thing is very handy for checking composition in webcomic format.

Idk, is it possible plugin like that?


Can’t you just make a Selection Mask and transform it with the ratio? Or you can also set up custom grid sizes to match.

Yes, I have to use those indirect routes, but they are uncomfortable: you need always to move a mask when panning through canvas (keep in mind quantity of layers in comic page, plus resolution 1000x20000 – lagging in speed is inevitable), so easiest way now is just to create a layer with couple dark rectangles above and below of frame and to move it along with panning; and grid gives just strict sections - in case of dynamic frame design they are not so useful.

The frame I am talking about allows to feel like you use smartphone/tablet – smooth panning gives a right feel in order to build up / correct compositions.

How does it react to fatter images with the highlight?

OMG yes! Arise my friend! we need this. T__T

I see, it is possible to do that as a plugin, not too hard. Bind a widget to the subwindow that passes all events, then a binding to the sctollbar to monitor zoom events, and you are pretty much done.


It has the option where you input desired ratio, by default it 1/2. So if you create image 1000w x 700h all canvas will be highlighted, if 1000w x 3000h you will see 1000x2000 rectangle.

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I would like to ask for a plugin to attach the left and right Docker to the bottom. :grinning:

I was able to run it by looking at the topic in the link below, but it would be nice to be able to run it as a plugin.
Then @Grum999 gave me some advice and I made a request here.

I like the fact that the Animation Docker is not too long. :art:
Thank you for your consideration. :sparkles:

:paintbrush: postscript
I thought it was something related to UI, so I proposed it in the “UI Redesign” section as well.
I’m sorry for the mess… :pensive:


How about one that lets Krita support the .ASE and .ACO formats (or just Swatches in general)?

They’re basically Swatch Exchange formats predominantly used for Pixel Art because they let you limit your palettes (especially in Adobe programs):

Speaking of file formats. It would also be very good to be able to load not only the pattern files in Gimp format, but also those in Photoshop format. They are easily distinguishable with a text editor by their header.
So a plugin that would open up this file format would be a great thing.


@Takiro just recommended on this thread…

…to convert this python parser into a plug-in for Krita in order to open .ASE and .ACO files: