What the heck is this number

I just was wondering what this number means, cause clearly the .kra file is just 1.3 mb

From what i understand that’s the amount of RAM memory the file is using as you edit it.

I launched activity monitor and it was drawing only 350 mb on idle(I mean without painting, just sitting there watching the numbers). And at the bottom where the resolution is the memory used is only 60 mb from 4000 mb limits(yes, my MacBook Air only has 8gb of ram, the most basic model, cause I was a high school student when I bought it, and never thought I would draw).

A kra file is a zip file, so it is very good at zipping up redundant or repeating information. So it’s completely normal that a very small file expands to a lot of memory when working with it.

So that’s the memory or the space on disk(when unzipped)? Sorry, I sometimes find it hard to understand this kind of technical stuff.

If you unzip the .kra file, your file manager can tell you how much space it takes on disk. But… That’s not all, because Krita also needs extra memory to work with the image. If you click on the label, you will get much more information – though all very technical.