What the word 'Ants' means when describing display mode

During the processing of translating Krita’s UI texts to Vietnamese, I came across a single line with single word:

> "Ants"

Searched in the code and it appears in the file:


at the following method:

void KisStatusBar::updateSelectionToolTip()

    KisSelectionSP selection = m_viewManager->selection();
    if (selection) {

        QRect r = selection->selectedExactRect();

        QString displayMode =
                !m_viewManager->selectionManager()->displaySelection() ?
                    i18n("Hidden") :
                    (m_viewManager->selectionManager()->showSelectionAsMask() ?
                         i18n("Mask") : i18n("Ants"));

                    i18n("Selection: x = %1 y = %2 width = %3 height = %4\n"
                         "Display Mode: %5",
                         r.x(), r.y(), r.width(), r.height(), displayMode));
    } else {
        m_selectionStatus->setToolTip(i18n("No Selection"));

Reading the code and it appears that if ‘Not display selection’ then says ‘Hidden’, else if show as mask then says ‘Mask’ otherwise says ‘Ants’.

I can understand ‘Hidden’, ‘Mask’ but I don’t understand the word ‘Ants’. What do you think ‘Ants’ stands for?

It’s usually the animated dashed line around a selection. People think it looks like ants marching around the selection so it’s called ‘ants’.


Thank you ever so much. Wow, if that’s the case, no one on the other side of the world would understand it.

I think they will understand once they see why it is called what it’s called. :slight_smile:

An alternative description could be “blinking line” if the “walking ants” concept is difficult to understood :slight_smile:


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Thank you. I have extended the translation a little to reveal why it’s called ‘ants’. I HOPE users in my country would SQUEEZE THEIR BRAINS OUT a bit :sweat_smile:

Marching Ants:
The ants go marching one by one song | Ants at war - YouTube

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