What Video Editor do you use?

I have been trying to find a new video editor to use. preferably open source or similar.
Initially I was inclined for Kdenlive but now I am not so sure due it’s instability and poor installation for windows and also lack of community around it.

I am gonna take a look around what video editors exist now a days but I am curious about what people use also.

One project that came to my attention but it is still unusable for production is Olive that seems really cool with the foundation.

Also what do you think of Resolve? I know it has a payed version but you know if it is worth considering the free version?

If you know about any others I don’t know just say.

I don’t do much video editing so I use Blender just out of habit.

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I use kdenlive and it is stable on windows. There is a community for kdenlive - you can find it on reddit, you can chat to the devs in irc - #kdenlive and on telegram (kdenlive)

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I use Davinci Resolve’s Free version and have been very satisfied with it so far. I’ve only used it for basic editing for now though. I like the Node based workflow for filters ( very reminiscent of the Blender Compositor)

Hitfilm express also exists and is very usable for basic editing though imo its not as stable as Resolve so I ended up switching

I have not worked in open source editors, but VSDC Free Video Editor attracted my attention from free programs, It covers most of my needs. I even used it to “capture the screen” of short demonstrations of working in Krita for my friends. The program periodically receives updates. P.S. It was quite difficult to get used to the VSDC interface, because the only program in which I had experience was Edios

Blender falls a bit short for what I need now. Unless they made the video editor really good while I was out from blender recently. I suspect I really need a dedicated program to do my edits in bulk and Blender is a bit too bureaucratic to handle it quickly.

So Kdenlive people are in reddit? that is a odd place to be for a software community. I guess I need to make a reddit account to see what’s happening then. Either way I have had little luck with it, I still have not fully done my first video and it has crashed me several times already while I place some simple effects on it. Also Shotcut seems very strong and I think might become better than kdenlive soon if I saw things right.

Davinci Resolve has a node workflow? damn! now i really need to try it then.

oh I never heard of that one I am gonna check it out now.

Have you tried Shotcut? - Shotcut - Full List of Features

I don’t do much editing these days, but that’s what I’ve tended to use in recent years.

edit: Just saw you mentioned it in your other thread! :upside_down_face:

After watching this YouTube video, in which 5 free video editors are presented, I have tried all the presented editors and kept only DaVinci Resolve and Shotcut, as these two most appealed to me, “felt the best”. However, since I only cut things out here and there or merge two three videos, I can’t say anything about the further use of it, they are ultimately oversized for my needs.

In the description of the video you can find links to the editors and for each also a tutorial. With the choice available today, it’s probably the hardest thing to decide on a product.


I was using Shotcut on Windows which was fine, but recently switched to Kdenlive which I prefer so far. It has been stable for me so far.

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Unfortunately (because proprietary), Davinci Resolve is the best option I think. I’ve been looking to get away from After Effects and Premiere. The only possible, performant and reliable solution I found is the free version of Resolve. Tested Kdenlive a while ago but it crashed two times in the first 20 minutes so I gave up because I had a deadline. I’m always trying to give Open Source a go over proprietary.
I’m not a big fan of the UI/UX of Resolve though, took me a few days to get up and running for my basic needs but it did the job.

Olive will be a huge game changer I think/hope. Been supporting it since I first heard of it and the playback speed was crazy fast compared to AE/PR at that time on my machine at work.

I edited/cut this with Olive Version 01 a while ago (we needed multiple formats for Instagram, Facebook etc.), not a biggie and most things came straight out of Blender anyway, but the timeline speed is awesome. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2QaeatlWvY Olive is just awesome, but it needs time to mature.

The free version of Davinci Resolve now has Fusion nodes, yes. Pretty powerful for color grading and the like, there are just a few nodes that are only in the paid version but you can work with it pretty well, even let’s you create 4k material. I only made the skulls intro (00.15-00.30min), heavy color grading, sharpening and all those things. You need a somewhat capable GPU but apart from that it is really flexible. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_izvgFh4uhY

Natron is completely node based and “like” Nuke but FOSS, but it is maintained by only one person afaik and I couldn’t get it to run without constant crashes. Crashes can of course always be my own fault.

Also tried Hitfilm Express, they also have a free version and it looks pretty much like AE, works really well for basic things.

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Yea, Davinci resolve is probably the best free editor you can get currently. Especially great colour grading suite…
But in terms of editing premiere is still better in most things imo, for example allowing window docking and rearrangement, especially for multiple monitors. Pancake editing isn’t possible in davinci resolve :confused:
Davinci doesn’t allow nesting like premier either. Nests or in davinci its called composite clips, dont preserve the resolution of the files within the composite, so it is destructive. Anyway i am being too picky. Davinci also has some positives like better audio tools, better colour grading. More effects that are actually useful. Also davinci has a few weird quirks but hey you’ll get used to it.
Doing sound design in davinci is much nicer i will say tho.


I love Kdenlive.