What's the difference between "Back/Forward" and "Skip Back/Skip Forward" in animation timeline?

This Animation Timeline layout has buttons labeled ‘Back’, ‘Forward’, ‘Skip Back’ and ‘Skip Forward’.

In animation panel with some frames inside the keyframes, if I just press ‘Back’, it moves to 1 previous frame and ‘Forward’ is 1 next frame.

However, if I use ‘Skip Back’ and ‘Skip Forward’, they are just the same as the buttons above; moving to 1 next/previous frame.

So, are Skip Back and Forward buttons supposed to be like that? My first thought that it should skip to last/first frame of the keyframes, but it does not seem to do so.

Hello and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Back/Forward move to the next frame on the timeline.
The ‘Skip’ ones move to the next keyframe on the timeline.

This is useful if you have a layer that has alternate held frames (or whatever arrangement of held frames) or a layer that has a number of short duration animations distributed along the timeline.

Okay. I can see the difference with the way frames applied and selected.
Back and Forward will work within frames that I highlighted. Using ‘Skip’ will move past the highlighted frame.

With Skip one, any frames that are blank will be skipped and move to next/previous available keyframe.

I have not found the best way to utilize them differently for now since I only work in one layer in one frame timeline, like making a flipbook animation.

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