What's your first digital painting looks like?

“Today’s masterpiece is tomorrow’s black history”

That word felt so true for me. . . . when i first drawing in digital, i thought it was masterpiece. Few year later though…ugh… So, let’s share the shame and let me see your very first digital painting/drawing or anything too.

*The line art is actually not digital, i draw it manually using marker than scans it before putting color and shading in it.


My first piece ahah :slight_smile:
Shiba Miyuki

It’s simple concept art for an animation/game thing I’m trying to make. This is the first version of it’s load screen, my first digital drawing.

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Well, I dunno…I started using Painter ages ago but probably did a few digital graphics prior to that…just rancomly scanning my old digital work…here’s an early one from 6/19/97

and one I first felt was ‘worthy’:


Unforunately not actually my first, but the earliest one that I still have that I didn’t purge after making it.

Now thinking about it, I actually really do regret not saving the actual first things I made, no matter how awful they were. I think it would be so much more encouraging and give people more realistic expectations of what a ‘first’ piece of art actually looks like rather than what really is ‘the first piece I didn’t cringe at when I look at it’.

Hold onto your first pieces of garbage people, not only will they prove to you how far you’ve come, but they could just be the thing to give someone the push to keep trying.

Even da Vinci didn’t come out of the womb painting stuff like the Mona Lisa.

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Yeah. It is nice to save things for thyself just for legacy. And have fun in a few years :slight_smile:
Also then you can do that 2001, 2005, 2020 thing (by redrawing again) and see/show the progress.

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I think this is the first full paint one I did.
Made in gimp fork - gimp painter and a mouse :woozy_face: almost 9 yrs ago. I’m pretty sure i drew this first by hand then traced it with mouse for inking using stroke to path. I cant remember. Im honestly glad that pentabs are more affordable now.

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If its something that was ‘finished’ then its this one:

If its the very first digital drawing/painting you should imagine sphere study in grayscale

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This was like 3 years ago. I remember the distinct wobbly vertigo when trying to draw with the wacom pen for the first time; made some more drawings for a few months then kinda quit the whole art thing for years, and only returned to seriously do it like 2 months ago. Still with Krita after all this time.

a recent one

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This was my first painting on my Note 4 phone when I started using Infinite Painter…

Took a while to figure out how the brushes and tools work. Now I routinely use digital painting apps for art. :+1:t2:

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My first is not this one, but very similar:

Made in GraphiCraft in 1985.

My first finished, after buying a Wacom Intuos A5 in 2008. Gimp.


All the “first steps of digital drawing” disappeared along with the old HDD (at that time there was no individual Internet connection. a monitor with a kinescope and a 3x4 ratio, a gpen tablet 4.5 by 6 inches…there were good times) The oldest thing that could be found on the web is the drawings of 2009. they are not scary enough, like the ones that are lost.

I believe this is when I started using Krita in September 2018. I would usually make crappy Geometry Dash icons that don’t even exist

I used Microsoft Paint before I even found Krita as an existing popular art software. Now, I use Krita everyday of my life with my Wacom Intuos Pro S I got during Christmas of 2020.

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You recorded your drawing sessions on film? :smiley:

Seriously though, what’s a kinescope in this context?

Cathode Ray Tube, but for me as a layman, a kinescope is a more familiar name.
This heavy box can be used to prop up the doors :grinning:

First time I read kinescope, everyone seems to use “CRT” in english for the old cathode ray tube monitors…

And I’m afraid I don’t have any of my first digital artworks anymore (not sure they would qualify as “painting” though), they were from Win95 times with MS paint xD

Later I did lots of vector graphics with CorelDraw, then was fascinated by 3D rendering, until I came back to painting with Krita not that long ago really.

Looking at my archive on my phone, I found other early drawings, back when my family had an old hand-me-down Mac. The drawing was later colored in using MS Paint, I believe…


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You were really into gymnastics back then. :slight_smile:

Maybe you still are?

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Yup! My motto is: “If I can’t be a gymnast, why not draw them?”


My first digital drawing isn’t something I’m particularly proud of, it was just a mess of brushes.

(and we’re going back to a time when every one of my digital artworks were named: REEEEEE)

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