What's your first digital painting looks like?

Lol. . . .

i used paint at first too. . not ms paint thou but paint.net

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Paint that one on canvas with thick gobs of oil paint, name it “Solar Storm” and hang it in a gallery. I think you might find a buyer. :wink:


That images does shout REEEEEE

or we can just put 2 red line on top of white canvas and called it ‘fine art’

Growing up in the 90’s (and in a third world country) the Public Educational Channel aired Bob Ross program The Joy of Painting, and I would occasionally watch. After decades of never attempting even drawing with a pencil on an piece of paper, I decided I would like to do paintings like Bob did.
Mid 2019 I bought a drawing tablet and started my venture. Here my first painting.

I didn’t advance in my (hobbyist) art carrer as I would like to, but slowly and surely I’m getting there.

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I won’t dismiss the idea that a two line painting can be fine art, but it depends on what you do with those two lines.

I think @URAVERAGEBOI’s painting looks super hot, in a very literal sense. The composition isn’t all that bad, good range of values, and that dark void sits in the middle like an entrance to hell. :slight_smile:

Your post reminds me of a Dire Straits lyric:

And then you get an artist
He says he doesn’t want to paint at all
He takes an empty canvas
And stick it on the wall

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I remembered that before Miyuky I actually drawn that Lady Bug in GIMP.
Mouse times.

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Gimp and mouse. Its nice to see another one who went to the gimp and mouse phase. :blush:


This was my first ever personal digital artwork, after I purchased my first PC. This was done on 14th march 2007 ( On photoshop cs2 trial version :frowning: installed by a friend )

I did not have any tablet or knew about it, this was done with a mouse. It is very bad in every way with all the gaps and bad anatomy (broken arm!). But I have kept this safely because it reminds me how hard it was for me to get a personal computer of 512 mb ram at that time. I enjoyed painting with that PC despite using a mouse for 3 more years. I was a second year graduation student and I got this PC on a home appliance loan somehow. I took another one year to repay it. Now it is very easy for me to buy hardware but this artwork will keep reminding me to not take anything for granted :slight_smile:


More seriously I have lost it since then but it looked like you had put colored pencils in my hands. I was so excited about doing all kinds of colored lines as I only made b&w traditional


That is a marvelous peace of sh*t :slight_smile:

I don’t think I have my oldest digital work any more. I got started when my father called from a trade fair and said there’s this drawing tablet thing there - I’m not sure I had any idea what he was really talking about, but when he kind of hummed and hawed that it’s kind of expensive, would I use it if he bought it, I said yes, yes I would. It was a Wacom Artpad II, and I believe that was 1997 or something.

I had to go and dig up a back up CD (!) I had burned and found some old stuff, but I think this is in the year 2000 or thereabouts:

I was really into perspective at the time. I spent quite a bit of time working out the reflections by tracing the angles etc. For some reason I did not pay any attention to the shadows all these objects should cast on the floor! Not much idea of cost/benefit analysis at that time…


Ha, I looked through the layers for this and actually found some shadow tracing lines I’d made. I think I must have left this unfinished for some reason. It looks like I actually worked out where the bottom of the bot’s shadow should fall on both sides. Talk about overdoing it, and still I didn’t do the cast shadows on the floor at all?!

Edit: Oh boy, I found another CD… With a backup of my old homepage! (Doesn’t that date me?) And a lot of pretty weird things… I’ll stop spamming but just leaving this gem here from 1999:

The mental filters seem to have been tuned pretty low back then.

Sorry! But I actually found what I think is the first thing I ever did digitally, in 1997, on whatever version of Fractal Design Painter came with the Wacom Artpad II:

Oh boy. Honestly, a lot of the stuff I found that was several years more recent was way worse than this.


That animation is amazing :slight_smile:

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Dang, that’s your first drawing? That’s cool!

Reminds me of Fortnite, not gonna lie

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This is something I can relate to. I have portraits i made back in 2016/17 that are far better than what I do now. Took a break in 2019 and i think my hand forgot how to draw. I sometimes still think if I can draw/ paint that way again. :pensive:

it’s earlier yet it look better?

wait… . remind you of fortnite? how?

the land and colors