When I save as PNG it is darker

Basically, when I save my images as PNG files on krita they turn out being a lot darker than when I had drawn them, and compared to when I save them as JPG files. I’ve been using krita for a while but this problem is new and I don’t understand what happened? I’ll post a reference of a PNG and JPG file to show the difference, hopefully the images show.

I’m not the most savy with the tech side of things which is part of the problem since I don’t know what to mess with to get it to go back to how it was. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling Krita and resetting my settings, but that hasn’t helped. If you have any idea how I can fix this I would really appreciate it, I much prefer saving my pictures as PNG instead of JPG.



I had a similar problem once, and i think it was tied to the colour space i was using?
You have the CMYK/Alpha color and RGB/Alpha color spaces, among many others, and perhaps the space you work in and the space you get as output .png don’t match. If you go into image - properties - image color space, change the current colour space and you see your actual .kra canvas turn dark like the .jpg, then that’s the problem.

If tweaking the settings connected to colour spaces does not work, all the hope you have is either screenshotting your canvas as big as possible OR using some layer styles to make the canvas about as brighter as the .png is darker from the desired image.

I also have a theory your image may have the opacities too low. If the .jpg file (that is not transparent) is brighter than the .png (that saves transparency), then perhaps with the .jpg you have a setting that sets the background to white automatically when it’s not 0% transparent, and with the .png all the semi-transparent colors just stay transparent and dark in result.

Experiment with these. My response is just a hypothesis!

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As well as the advice from @Drl about the colour space you’re using (make sure you’re using the RGB/Alpha 8-bit integer colour space) you should take care with the Export settings that will appear after you Export and specify the file name for saving as .png. i.e. this:

You don’t have to have ‘Force convert to sRGB’ enabled and if your image has no transparency then you don’t have to have ‘Store alpha channel (transparency)’ enabled.
It’s important that you don’t have ‘Save as HDR image’ enabled.

Uninstalling and reinstalling krita will make no difference at all. All the configuration and look/feel/behaviour are in the configuration files and the resources folder.



Both of your suggestions @Drl and @AhabGreybeard together seems to have fixed my problem, thank you both so much!

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