When will audio be available

when is the new version of krita comic out that hase the audio features working for Mac?

I thought that macOS did have audio support.
Have you tried the small speaker icon at the top left of the Timeline docker?

G’Mic or the touch docker right now docent work. I can’t skim through the audio and hear the audio file play.

G’MIC don’t make a plugin/executable for MacOS so that’s not surprising.

As for the Touch Docker, does your Mac have a touch sensitive screen?
If it does then you’d need a user or developer who was familiar with Macs to give advice.

Does the audio file render out to an .mp4 video file ok when you add it to an animation?
Does the audio file play at all in a krita animation?
For live play, using a .wav file can give better results than using an .mp3 file but that shouldn’t matter for rendering a video out.

ok thank you