wheres the source code for v 5.0.0 ?

what the title says , i guess https://invent.kde.org/graphics/krita.git is the 4.4.3 version


The master branch is 5.0 and 4.3 has a separate branch

Krita 5.0 (marked as Krita Next on the website if you want to download it) is on the master branch like @raghukamath says, and the branch krita/4.3 is used as a source for stable versions (marked as Krita Plus on the website). I think we’re going to release a beta version of 4.4.3 soon, which will mean that we will make a new branch from krita/4.3 called krita/4.4.3. All new bug fixes, if needed, will go to that branch, and then we’ll release Krita 4.4.3.

The same goes for documentation: Documentation / Krita.org Documentation Website · GitLab - master is for the documentation when we’ll release Krita 5.0 version, and krita/4.3 branch is for the version that is currently on the website https://docs.krita.org .

i cloned the master , i guess thats the right version to develop on then.


qt-creator 4.14.0


mingw-w64 7.3 (by mingw-builds)

is that a working build environment ?

If you build on Windows, you need to very closely follow the tutorial here: Building Krita from Source — Krita Manual 4.4.0 documentation . On Linux you can have whatever everything, basically, but on Windows the situation is tricky. Lots of things that don’t like to work with each other.

yes ive come from that page , i thought maybe its outdated at this point and someone who actually builds on windows could shed a light … ill try test building tommorow

Well, right now @amyspark is trying to update dependencies and some Windows builds fail, so you might want to go back a week in git and try to build an older version. Oh and remove everything in deps folder first.

Generally if you have access to Linux system, it would be much easier to build Krita there.